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  • Q.  I want to take online classes because I’ve heard they are easier than regular classes.
    A.  Actually, online classes tend to be more difficult to complete than traditional classes.  There is more responsibility on the student to perform as the teacher is not in regular proximity to provide live encouragement.
  • Q.  I took Driver Education and they charged me a fee at school.  Why, I thought the classes were free?
    A.  Some classes have a fee involved just like at your school.  Courses that have a fee are listed on the class website.
  • Q.  I have to take a course quickly so I can graduate with my class.  Can I do that?
    A.  Yes. You may take the class for original or recovery credit, however; you must follow the regular terms and complete your course in time for your grade to be posted prior to your schools graduation cutoff.