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2021-22 Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle School Pre-Registration

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PRE-REGISTRATION: You don’t need to rush. This is not arena scheduling. All requests made in the registration window are considered at the same time. Feel free to look through the form and this website and come back to finish it later in the registration window.

If you are a 9th Grader and plan to attend Kings Peak High School, please go here.

Pre-registration at Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle School for next year will be open February 1st and continue until March 25th. After that date, you may continue to complete pre-registration, however, your priority for scheduling may be lowered. Pre-registration will all be done online this year using the form placed on this page. If there are families in your neighborhood who currently attend charter or private schools but plan to attend Kelsey Peak next year, please share this information with them.

If you choose a part-time schedule, you must also let your boundary school know which classes you plan to take in person.

In the meantime, use the buttons below to review required and elective courses.